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Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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Richter (2011), Diversity in and of itself is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s what we do with it that renders its quality. (para. 1). I believe that as a manger you should always be diverse when communicating to your employees. Diversity is showing a great deal of variety; very different. When you are communicating with your employees you must realize that everyone is different. This is why you have to communicate by different aspects to “get through” to each person. Many managers in many organizations are very unaware of the unlikeliness of diversity within their organization. Along with diversity in communication there also must be diversity in the organization’s climate. Organization climate is a set of properties of the work environment, perceived directly or indirectly by the employees, that is assumed to be a major force in influencing employee behavior. (“Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia”, 2013). In my organization, our corporate entity, developed a Cultural Team. We have one hundred sixty stores in our division, and this team was mandatory in each store.

It is a team made up of approximately ten to fifteen store employees. This team is to be a communication byway between the employee and management. The team is designed to develop events within each store to enhance employee morale. In my store we have adopted the idea of the Make a Wish Foundation. We conduct fund raisers, carnivals, cookouts, and holiday events that require help of all store employees and management. This interacts all employees with different cultural ideas. Not only does the team boost employee morale, it also helps management conduct business. The team helps management enforce policies in a manner to which all employees can adapt to. I believe that this team is a valuable asset to our organization. Our Cultural Team not only helps with existing employees, it also has a new hire aspect. When hiring new employees to the organization the team checks out this process. The team makes sure our managers are being diverse in the making up of our demographics within our organization. My organization hires very diversely.

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The organization has employees with disabilities, male and female, different races, all ages, different religious views, and all ethnicities. I believe that these qualities show the diversity in any organization. It is important to hire employees with all of these differences. I believe that it makes an organization prosper and grow. With diversity also comes being ethical in the workplace. I believe that the manager of an organization serves a huge role in communicating the ethical guidelines. I think that it is the mangers responsibility to set the ethical climate for their organization. “Ethical climate is best understood as part of an organization’s culture.

From the cultural vantage point, an organization is a tribe. As tribal members gather, they develop their own language, stories, beliefs, assumptions, ceremonies, and power structures. These elements combine to form a unique perspective on the world called the organization’s culture, how an organization responds to ethical issues is a part of this culture. Every organization faces a special set of ethical challenges. It creates its own set of values and norms, and develops guidelines for enforcing its ethical standards. Ethical climate, in turn, determines what members believe is right or wrong and shapes their ethical decision making and behavior.” (Johnson, 2008).

Along with ethics, and diversity come being a culturally sensitive. Being culturally sensitive in your work environment means “being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist and have an effect on values, learning, and behavior.” (Stafford, Bowman, Eking, Hanna, 1997). I believe that mangers of any organization must realize that every employee is culturally different. In today’s society the younger generation especially were raised so differently. Young people adhere to a different set of values and communicators than an older generation will. I think as a manager that you have to deal with each situation differently. As a manager get to know your employees on a personal level, so that you may be able to dial into their cultural differences. Lastly comes ethical dimension decision making within an organization.

In my opinion, managers should be well aware of all ethical dimensions within their organization. Being a manger always means being aware of right and wrong. To me that is ethical. My own take on being ethical, is being honest. If an employee comes to you as a manager then it is my opinion that you owe that employee your full attention and honesty. In closing being a manger of any organization takes great skill and dedication. Though a manager and an organization are only as great as its employees. If you treat employees with respect to their own diversity, culture, and ethics, then you should have their respect. I believe that the main aspect that fails people in an organization today is being treated fairly. So if I ever become a manager within my organization, I plan to treat people based on their individual situation. I plan on knowing my people.

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